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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – There are no minimums for ETFs.  

Mutual Funds – This amount can vary.  Some firms have no minimums while some may require up to $5000 or more.  

Stocks – There are no minimums for stock.  You just have to have enough to buy the stock that you are interested in.  If a stock is priced at $20 then you have to have $2000 in order to buy the stock. 

Options – Put Option sellers need the amount of money it would cost to buy the actual stock.  If you are interested in selling a $25 strike put then, $2,500 is the amount needed to buy the stock, 

Etrade Prebuilt Portfolios – $2500 is the minimum investment to buy these portfolios

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The Top 5 selections are updated once a calendar year.

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We do not manage client accounts, however we do offer coaching sessions.


Clients can cancel the membership via the cancellation link contained in the monthly or annual emails.  Clients can also contact us via chat or email to cancel their membership.


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Pro Stock Options | History

May 2021

Pro Stock Options Launches the Academy Course.  This course contains the formula Pro Stock Options uses to trade stocks.  The goal is for our clients to become profitable traders within 1 to 6 months.

May 2021

Pro Stock Options launches Instagram page.

February 2021

Pro Stock Options launches its twitter page.  Follow us to get in on the financial action.

October 2019

Excited to announce the launch of the Pro Stock Options blog.  After 20 years of research, testing strategy after strategy, Pro Stock Options is here. The purpose of the blog is to keep investors and our clients informed and well versed in all facets of money management.

May 2018

Pro Stock Options launches its Facebook page.  We released 2 videos on dividend investing. The 1st video, Stock Dividend Investing, discusses declaration dates, ex dates, record dates, as well as payable dates.  The 2nd video, Dividend Paying Stocks via Yahoo Finance, shows investors how to find dividend paying stocks using yahoo.